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Ron Coleman on COICA: Big IP supersizes it.

The fact is, these proposals are reactions to real problems. But in typical piggy fashion, Big IP wants to use a sledgehammer where perhaps some fine carpentry would do.

Now learning how to build things right — even radically different things, but things that will stand up — takes hard work, diligence and practice, and not just everyone can be a cabinet maker. The IP enforcement community, however, is flummoxed. They don’t want to spend the money on craftsmanship; they want the big, wide problem of IP enforcement to be amenable to solution by journeymen. This reaction is understandable, considering how expensive the work of master can be — and often, how little there can be to show for it.

Even-handed and incendiary. The content-producers seem to rumble around like dinosaurs dimly aware that a meteor has hit, and furiously engaged in an attempt to grow fur. When reminded that they can’t grow fur, they seem just as keen to stomp out the mammals as anything else.