Blog Ipsa Loquitur

Published on under Irreverently Irrelevant

This is a new feature of Barely Legally, one that involves much less writing, and many more snarky one-liners. If this lawyer thing doesn’t work out, I’ll just be a writer for that fortune-cookie company down the block.

On to the links!

  • Google Street View shows naked man climbing out of the trunk of a car. This happened in Germany, because hey, why not? [Technically Incorrect]
  • Microsoft’s new version of Internet Explorer is really, really good at this one benchmark. Are they cheating, or just using the programmer’s version of a warp whistle? [T3ch H3lp]
  • Man, this “predictive text” stuff on phones these days is getting really smart. It must have found all your Google searches for divorce attorneys. [DamnYouAutocorrect]
  • Area 51 is a “place” you can review on Google Maps. The internet ensues. [Google Maps]
  • Microsoft is not pleased to find out that you nerds want to hack the Kinect. They promise to “work closely with law enforcement” to halt tampering. [CNET News]
  • Microsoft is actually very excited to see what you nerds have done with your Kinect hacking. [Mashable]
  • Microsoft totally left the Kinect open by design, guys. They were, like, sooo joking with that whole “law enforcement” bit before. You kids have fun, now. [Ars Technica]
  • Computer Engineer Barbie is now on sale. Your move, Malibu Stacy. [Nerd Approved]