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Fresh after CBS missing the point about women on boards of directors making corporations kinder and gentler, ABC has a report on women making better investors. In my own snarking of the CBS news story, I pointed out the more concrete benefits: avoiding groupthink, defusing the testosterone-laden risk taking that gets banks bankrupted, etc.

ABC reported on new research that women are more in touch with their feelings, which makes them better investors. Like all things sexist, Jezebel is there with the funny:

The belief that women or men are naturally wired to think a certain way is up for debate; a depressing number of people still think that women are “naturally” all sorts of dumb stuff because of the direct telephone line between a woman’s ovaries and her smaller, pinker brain.

But whatever the cause of women’s tendency to take fewer risks and work with rather than against their emotions, Peterson thinks that women would be better off holding more of the purse strings in the future. If only they could be trusted to not spend it all on shoes.

The article is titled “Mysterious Phenomena Called ‘Feelings’ Make Ladies Better At Investing,” which I love almost as much as the article itself.

Now all that’s left to do is to wonder if women are magically more in touch with their feelings, or if the alpha male frat boys that end up on Wall Street are representative of men at large.