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During a ten-minute phone call to an audience gathered in the parking lot of a Pizza Ranch restaurant in Newton, IA, Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann vowed to vote against the debt deal, NBC’s Jamie Novogrod says. A crowd of about 25 people stood under a tent in noon heat. Bachmann apologized for not being there in person. She urged her audience to drink water, and explained she had returned to Washington for the vote.

“Let me ask you this question. Raise your hand. Do you want me to vote ‘no’ on raising the debt ceiling?” she said. After a pause, several people raised their hands. “I can’t see the results,” Bachmann said, “but if the show of hands is anything like the rest of the country,” Bachmann said, “it is a very strong ‘no.

This literally happened; I get the impression Bill Maher’s going to have fun with that one.