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Lisa Selin Davis, in the Guardian: For 18 years, I thought she was stealing my identity. Until I found her:

In 2013, my license was suspended again, this time for an unpaid ticket from 2012, for “Drive Cell Phone”, as the officer wrote. Like an addict, I cycled through every tactic with the DMV: charm, threats, shame; I tried begging and berating them. Once again, I pleaded guilty and paid a fine to get my license back, and once again I filled out the “Unauthorized Use” form.

Finally, the DMV told me that I wasn’t the victim of identity theft; there was simply another Lisa S Davis with the same birthday in New York City. Our records were crossed. When cops run a license, they don’t check the person’s address, signature, or social security numbers. They check the name and the birthday, and both the other Lisa S Davis’s and mine were the same. We were, in the eyes of the law, one person, caught in a perfect storm of DMV and NYPD idiocy.

When I visited the board of elections office in downtown Brooklyn, they told me the same thing. Lisa S Davis and I: we were one.

​Come for the tale of outdated government IT, stay for the white Lisa S Davis thoughtfully checking her privilege.