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Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Gus on one of my favorite TV shows Breaking Bad, was in beautiful New York City recently, and had a run-in with the police. They were apparently not fans of his work:

Days before the interview, Esposito was stopped and frisked by New York police while walking out of a theater where he was rehearsing a play. After several frantic minutes – with him and officers screaming, and their guns drawn – they realized they had the wrong guy. Their suspect had a hoodie, and Esposito was wearing a suit. When it was over, one of the officers recognized him, from his recent turn on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.”

You know, Breaking Bad would be over after like the second episode if it took place in Manhattan instead of Albuquerque. Oh, and if Walter White were black, apparently. (Kidding! Kind of.)