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Louis CK has released a stand-up comedy special. Lots of comics do this. Louis, though, isn’t airing his on HBO or Comedy Central or even going straight-to-DVD with his hour-long show. He paid for a theater, paid for a film crew, edited the show himself, and he’s selling it on his web site for five bucks. His website notes that this show has”

No DRM, no regional restrictions, no crap. You can download this file, play it as much as you like, burn it to a DVD, whatever.

I’m always harping on the idea that media middlemen have outlived their usefulness, but here’s a guy who has put his money where my mouth is. I hope he makes a lot of money and buys a solid gold theater. Or maybe his own media distribution company. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

Seriously, go watch Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater. It’s five bucks, and he’s absolutely hilarious.