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I kind of love this whole thing. From Silicon Filter:

Earlier this year, Google alleged that Microsoft’s Bing search engine was copying its search results. To prove this, Google inserted fake search results for nonsense words like hiybbprqag, indoswiftjobinproductionand mbzrxpgjys into its index and, indeed, the fake search results later appeared on Bing. Google then went public with the findings of its sting operation and publicly accused Microsoft of piggybacking on its search results.

Besides the new definition for “hiybbprqag,” [Google Employee Andy] Arnt also found that Bing now defines the search for “more evil than satan himself” as 10^100 – a Googol, the word the Google founders used as the basis of their company’s name.

Of course, “more evil than satan himself” was the very first Google Bomb: it predates the term Google Bomb. It happened just after Google’s first birthday, whereupon the infant search engine soon found itself directing the ‘more evil’ query to, naturally. Turnabout is fair play and fairly overplayed. There’s only one way to resolve a nerd fight – lightsabers at twenty paces!