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How have I never heard of Law and the Multiverse before today? Examining real-life legal issues in the context of super heroes:

In the real world, this would cause significant problems for Batman and Gotham.  Batman’s rough and tumble style would lead to a rash of Section 1983 claims for damages and probably also for an injunction against Batman’s future cooperation in police investigations.  As discussed earlier, most evidence that Batman collects would be inadmissible, and police use of that evidence might bar the use of additional evidence collected during a subsequent police investigation.

Even the headlines of recent posts in the sidebar fills me with nerd glee: “Mutants and Anti-Discrimination Laws, Part Three,” “Law and the Zombie Apocalypse,” “Batman and Patents.”

That’s it, guys. Game over. Law blogs have reached their zenith. The last one to leave turns out the lights and feeds the Above The Law trolls.