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Nilay Patel on Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung:

“The immediate takeaway is exactly as Florian Mueller tweeted: Apple isn’t afraid to sue anyone when it comes to protecting its IP. You might also surmise that Apple demanded Samsung stop infringing its IP or pay a royalty and Samsung refused; a filed complaint is generally just evidence that more cordial negotiations failed.

But that’s the easy reaction to the simple fact of Apple suing Samsung. The real dirt is in the complaint itself, which was filed on the 15th and made public today. It’s actually quite interesting, both because of the claims themselves and their structure — this lawsuit is as much about TouchWiz and Samsung’s penchant for lifting design elements as it is about the core of Android. We’ve got a copy, which you can download right here — grab it and follow along after the break.”

Do read the article, if not the complaint. Patel is an IP attorney, and he breaks down the lawsuit in great detail, but he explains everything in a way that non-lawyers will understand as well. I’ve never seen the interface of the Samsung phones before; this lawsuit seems destined for settlement.