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From Neurobonkers:

The John Hopkins scientists defended their bonkers dosage by saying earlier ecstasy studies by the US National Institute for Drug Addiction (NIDA) injected monkeys with twice the dose they used, noon and night for 4 consecutive days. This dosage and timespan is so nuts that the fact that all of the monkeys in the study didn’t drop dead immediately should suggest ecstasy is a pretty safe drug.

Instead the NIDA study is one of the assortment of batshit studies used to support the claim that ecstasy causes brain damage. Of course ecstasy causes brain damage to animals if you inject vast amounts of it on a twice daily basis for days on end. Neither studies bother explaining why they are injecting the monkeys rather than using the normal method of oral administration.

Apparently, injecting massive amounts ecstasy into your brain nearly constantly only kills 20% of monkeys. Just great. Now I need to scrap my whole five-year plan.