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The Verge on HBO’s decision not to offer streaming services, and to stick with tried-and-true Cable TV delivery only:

[HBO co-predisent Eric] Kessler explained he thinks cord cutting is more of a temporary phenomenon that will go away when the economy improves, and that partnering with cable and satellite providers allows it to avoid transaction costs.

“That business model we have? It’s totally fine. That internet thing? Oh, it didn’t change the delivery of media that much. Demand falling for old media? Just a temporary hiccup. They’ll come crawling back.”

Seriously, man. People are going to watch your shows online whether you want them to or not. Do you not want to make any money online, or are you just convinced you can somehow stop the digital tide? If it’s the former, more power to you. If it’s the latter, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.