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Published on under Legal Theory

Some friends of mine run the “All Your Law Are Belong to Us,” a law blog that covers video game happenings. They’re covering the lawsuit between the makers of World of Warcraft and the makers of Glider, a program that players use to cheat at World of Warcraft.

Glider plays World of Warcraft autonomously — a player installs the program and sets it to slay goblins and level up, and the player can then go outside and pretend to be a high-functioning adult who doesn’t pay robots to play video games for him.

(Seriously, if I paid $15 a month for the privilege of playing a video game, I’d be more than a little disinclined to pay more to avoid the chore of playing it.)

Anyway, AYLABTU has the best headline: Glider Crashes After Running Into Blizzard. Go read their post, because they deserve many eyeballs.