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Pirated Thoughts links to a report on the new Batman prequel Gotham; people like it, but not enough to watch it on their TVs:

From Sept. 17 to Sept. 29, the pilot episode of “Gotham” was downloaded via torrent networks worldwide 1.33 million times, with 600,000 of those coming a day after its season premiere last Monday, according to data provided by piracy-tracking firm Excipio.

That was more than five times any of this season’s other freshman U.S. TV series. Of the six top-rated fall premieres from last week, ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” clocked in with 259,432 downloads over the same period, per Excipio’s analysis. That was followed by CBS’s “Madam Secretary” (195,528), CBS’s “Scorpion” (168,091), NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura” (100,792) and ABC’s “Black-ish” (45,476).

That’s huge. I think Gotham was pirated more than all other new shows combined. That still pales in comparison to not-new shows. Each episode of Game of Thrones was downloaded almost 6 million times last year.