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Emma Boyle, Gamer-in-Chief at Gadgette, writing about the backlash against easy modes in video games:

It’s because there are so many different ways that I and other people enjoy games that I can’t see what the issue is with giving players the best chance to enjoy a game in their own way. By including invincible mode, Star Fox Zero’s developers aren’t negatively shutting players out; they’re trying to bring more in. They’re trying to make the game enjoyable to as wide an audience as possible by allowing them to customise the gameplay experience to suit either their experience level or simply their gaming priorities.

Unfortunately many players only seem to like customising the gaming experience when it’s a customisation that suits them. There was outrage when a dad changed The Legend of Zelda to make it gender neutral for his daughter but oddly the comments section for this mod that allows players to see “realistic bounce and jiggle” for character breasts in Skyrim didn’t attract quite the same amount of vitriol.

That’s one hell of a mic drop. Also, not to pull Nerd Rank on the kids whining about an easy mode in the new Star Fox, but back in my day, games were impossible to beat. Kids today have it easy, whether they think so or not.