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Some dearly deserved congratulations are in order.

First, congratulations to all the people who took the bar exam this week. Ideally, you found it relatively smooth sailing after a summer spent thrashing about in the water like a wounded seal. (You can mix your metaphors if they’re all maritime terms, right?)

Congratulations to the people who care about this newest batch of law school graduates — you may now have your loved ones back. Ideally, this will be welcome news.

Congratulations to the bar review companies, because I’m sure you’re all rolling around on your giant piles of money like Scrooge McDuck after another crop of law students begged you to take their remaining money and watch your DVDs. Kudos.

And lastly, congratulations to the New York State Board of Bar Examiney Goodness. Here’s to the continued success of the lawyer’s club, chaps!

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