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Everyone clicks “I accept” on those terms of service or end user license agreements when registering for a web site or installing software. I’m a lawyer, and frankly, I think you’re nuts if you bother to read them. They’re often poorly-written, they often contain clauses that allow one party (not you) to change the terms at any time, and there’s no opportunity to meaningfully bargain over the terms of the contract.

But they are legally binding, by and large. It’d be kind of nice if these contracts weren’t virtually unreadable. Earlier this week, Gregg Bernstein, a master’s student at Savannah College of Art and Design, unveiled a new format for these agreements. While it doesn’t (and can’t) address the problems of being a daily one-sided affair, Gregg’s new design is immeasurably better than the status quo.

Read his thesis at I agree to _____. And for Pete’s sake, somebody give this guy a job.