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Hey, remember when Apple lost that lawsuit against Samsung in the UK, and the court ordered Apple to apologize to Samsung on their website? Hey, remember when Apple posted a non-apology and we all laughed because it’s Apple, and you knew they were going to be dicks about it? Well, the judges didn’t laugh. Today, they called the non-apology “non-compliant” and ordered Apple to, you know, apologize. Again. Finally(?).

But first, more laughing:

Apple tried to argue that it would take at least 14 days to put a corrective statement on the site – a claim that one judge said he “cannot believe”. Darren Smyth of EIP Partners said: “The objection was that Apple had added to the statement that the court of appeal had ordered, so did not comply with the original order, and furthermore that the additions were not accurate. “Apple must now within 48 hours publish a correction on their homepage with a link to the corrected statement in not less than 11-point font.”

‘Hey, I know we were supposed to apologize, and we didn’t, but it’s going to take us a couple weeks before we can get around to caring enough to write an actual apology.’

Apple and Samsung are the tech world’s version of Felix and Oscar. Oh, those two and their zany hijinks! I wonder what mischief they’ll get into next?