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What’s this? New developments in open government? Better call hotshot civic technologist and transparency advocate Dominic Mauro, Esq.

Praise for the updated New York City Open Data plan also came from Dominic Mauro, a staff attorney for Reinvent Albany. “What we like is New York’s continued commitment to the process,” he said. “This is the first automatic deadline under the new administration and it’s good that even 2 1/2 years after the passage of the original bill we’re still going through this process.”

Well, I’ve never been so honored to provide a brief quote. I sh-

He also highlighted the release of new Mayor’s Management Report data. “With 21,000 rows in that one dataset… I skimmed through the first 1,000 rows or so and counted a couple dozen different datasets,” he said. “They [even] set up a dataset that was specifically a list of datasets removed from the last plan and their reasoning for removing each of these from the open data plan,” he noted.

Okay, okay, buddy. We get the point. You have a list of talking points you’d like to get through and w-

”What’s not in the open data plan that we would like to see are data sets that are being frequently FOILed or otherwise are very high priority for agency stakeholders. We’d like to see FOIL being used to power New York City’s Open Data movement.”

Ugh. Won’t somebody shut this guy up?