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The NY Times, on the way kids study for the bar exam these days:

[T]hey took flight to Negril [Jamaica], a coastal resort town, where they rented a three-bedroom house on the beach for $3,000 for six weeks and converted it to Study Command Central. […] The biggest challenge, such as it was, was finding a spot to study on Seven Mile Beach a sufficient distance from the skin-baring revelers at Hedonism II, the famously racy resort nearby.

Hey, look, I’m all for not letting studying for some obnoxious test ruin your life, but maybe let’s not brag to the Times about how you spent your bougie bar summer. Lawyers already have enough image problems, guys. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s like a Russian Dashcam GIF. I can’t look away. Here’s another:

For some, studying from an exotic locale can be a way of overcoming the inevitable sensation of feeling left out of all the fun that everyone else seems to be having.

That paragraph is squeezed in between “bar taker in Thailand beach house” and “bar taker ‘studying’ while playing in World Series of Poker.” Seriously. But really, the important thing here is that you don’t miss out on any fun, guys. Ever. You’re definitely entitled to have as much fun as everyone else all the time. No matter what.

Seriously, studying in a library? In the summer? What are we, peasants?