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Kashmir Hill, writing in Fusion:

Last night, Apple pushed out iOS 8.2 to my iPhone, an update to its operating system. The blurb for the update promised “improvements to the Health app.” Finally, I thought. When HealthKit was first introduced last year, it came under criticism for not taking women’s health needs into consideration.

The Apple app tracks an amazing assortment of possible health indicators: sleep, body mass index, number of times fallen, “electrodermal activity,” sleep, weight, sodium intake, copper intake, and even selenium intake. But it didn’t track the one thing most women want to track: their periods.

Spoiler alert: iOS 8.2 still doesn’t add support for tracking menstrual cycles. It’s apparently really difficult to find and/or talk to a woman at Apple, because this seems like a really basic thing to measure. If I can track selenium, half the people on the planet ought to be able to track their periods. It’s dumbfounding.