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Remember that iPhone app a while back that sold for $1,000 and didn’t do anything other than show people that you spent $1,000 on a single app? That crazy idea netted some programmer $5,600 before Apple took the program down, to the mixed delight and horror of the collective internets.

There’s a new kid in the $1,000 iPhone app club, though. And this one is nowhere near as nonfunctional as the last one. The program in question is called “BarMax,” made by a company of the same name. BarMax (the company) offers bar review courses for recently-minted J.D.’s who hope to pass the California Bar Exam. Courses in New York run about $3,000: the idea that you can get the materials you need to pass for a mere thousand dollars sounds dirt cheap.

I found the sticker shock of an iPhone program amusing, especially considering how reasonable it is by bar review course standards; doubly so, considering that it’s dwarfed by the the cost of law school itself. Hell, we’ve all mortgaged our futures to get here. What’s another Cleveland between friends?