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About Me

Hi. My name is Dominic, and I’m a nerdy lawyer. When I went to law school, I cataloged/mocked my experience on Twitter and on this site. I graduated a while back, but I still use this site to explain legal theories and break down the law for non-lawyers. Also, I post a lot of silly things.

I started this site out of a dissatisfaction with the state of legal reporting. The media generally doesn’t employ lawyers as reporters, and so when a law is broken or a lawsuit is filed, the reporting is sub-par and leaves non-lawyers bewildered by the state of society. While it’s tempting to see a headline like “Man sues because video game is ‘too addictive’” and assume the world has gone mad, I do my best to explain what the heck just happened. Usually, it’s not as bad as you think.

As a third year law student, I worked with New York Law School’s Program in Law and Journalism to launch Legal As She Is Spoke, a law blog which covers that particular aspect of legal journalism quite well. They’ve won all sorts of national awards. It’s great and I’m tremendously honored to have been associated with that project at all.

Apart from explaining the law, I also care deeply about digital freedom, intellectual property policy, and open government. I do spend time writing about tech policy issues that aren’t strictly legal issues, because these are important to nerds, lawyers, and people who are neither.

And then sometimes, there’s just silly stuff that I like to post here because Google Reader doesn’t have a “share” function exist anymore.

Follow me on Twitter @mynameisdom or send me an email at I’m also on like a billion other things like Instagram, Tumblr, Instapaper, Pinterest, and silly stuff like Foursquare and Nike Running.