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About Me

Hi, my name is Dominic, and Blog Ipsa Loquitur is my law blog. I started this site when I was still in law school. Back then, this site was called Almost Legally; it only became Barely Legally when I was a newly minted lawyer opining about the law. But I graduated and passed the bar exam in 2010, and that’s long ago enough that I don’t think I’m barely a lawyer any more. So the blog speaks for itself now.

I started this site when I was a first year law student because I wanted to write about what I was learning in class. Originally, this site was a place where I’d explain legal theories and break down the law for non-lawyers, but I also posted a lot of silly things. While it’s easy to see a news story about a man who sues because a video game is too addictive and assume the world has gone mad, I like to try to explain the legal system. Later in law school, I helped found Legal As She Is Spoke, a law blog which covered that particular aspect of legal journalism quite well. In addition, I helped create The Public Index, a resource for the study and discussion of the Google Book Search lawsuit and eventual settlement.

After law school, I spent time as an open data and freedom of information advocate. In March 2017, I started working for the City of New York. I’m a public servant now, and you should know that the opinions expressed on this site are my personal views. They are not the opinions or views of my employer, my bosses, my coworkers, or most New Yorkers in general.


Blog Ipsa Loquitur is a Jekyll-based site hosted on GitHub Pages. It’s typeset in Freight Text (the body typeface) and Ministry (everything else), provided by Adobe Typekit. Web analytics are collected by Fathom, which uses as little data about visitors as possible.

Posts are written in iA Writer for iOS and macOS, and source code is edited in Atom. You can view said source code at the Blog Ipsa Loquitur GitHub repository.