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About Me

Hi. My name is Dominic, and I’m a nerdy lawyer. When I went to law school, I cataloged/mocked my experience on Twitter and on this site. I graduated a while back, but I still use this site to explain legal theories and break down the law for non-lawyers. Also, I post some silly things sometimes.

I started this site out of a dissatisfaction with the state of legal reporting. The media generally doesn’t employ lawyers as reporters, and so when a law is broken or a lawsuit is filed, the reporting is sub-par and leaves non-lawyers bewildered by the state of society. While it’s tempting to see a headline like “Man sues because video game is ‘too addictive’” and assume the world has gone mad, I do my best to explain what the heck just happened. Usually, it’s not as bad as you think. And then sometimes, there’s just silly stuff that I like to post here because Google Reader doesn’t have a “share” function exist anymore.

You can follow me on Twitter @dominicmauro or send me an email at I’m also on like a billion other things like Github, Instapaper, Discord, and other nerdy things.

about this site

When launched, this site was called Almost Legally, which was a decent joke about how law students don’t know anything. Almost Legally and its successor Barely Legally were built on Wordpress because it was 2008 and everyone was doing it. Nowadays, this site is built with Jekyll using a theme I call Redacre, which is available on Github. The body of Redacre is set in Freight Text Pro, with headings and footers set in Ministry.

I write posts for this site in Ulysses, the best way to blog on macOS and iOS. This is how I update this site from my phone. When I edit the code powering this site, I use the Atom text editor and the Transmit FTP client.

Blog Ipsa Loquitur is another tortured play on words as a site title. Every first year law student in Torts class learns the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur, which means “The Thing Speaks For Itself.” That phrase comes up in negligence actions, when someone is injured in circumstances that could only have arisen if the person being sued screwed up in a specific kind of way. Blog Ipsa Loquitur, then would be a blog that’s written negligently(?) enough to speak volumes about the author.